Banned & Restricted Lists: Heroclix

HeroClix segregates all sets into two ages – Golden Age and Modern Age. Once a year (typically in the spring time) an announcement will be made that will delineate which sets will shift from Modern to Golden, timed to correspond with a (typically) summer time release. Modern Age typically encompasses the last 2 years of product (taking into account that there was a period of time when no new sets were released). We play with Modern Age builds UNLESS otherwise stated.

General Heroclix Rules

List of Modern Age sets (updated Dec.21/2012):

The following HeroClix sets comprise the Modern Age. Any sets not included on this list are considered to be Golden Age, except for the sets listed as Alternative Age:

Brightest Day, DC 75th Anniversary, Giant-Size X-Men, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps Fast Forces, WizKids Exclusives, Street Fighter, Crimebusters Fast Forces, Captain America, Warriors of Asgard Fast Forces, Superman, Battle for Smallville Fast Forces, The Incredible Hulk, Smash Fast Forces, Infinity Gauntlet, Galactic Guardians, Annihilators Fast Forces, The Avengers Movie, The Avengers Movie Starter, Dark Knight Rises, Giant-Size X-Men Fast Forces, War of Light Fast Forces, Chaos War & Fast Forces, Justice League New 52 & Fast Forces, DC 10th Anniversary, Marvel 10th Anniversary, Batman, Streets of Gotham and any Marvel, DC or Street Fighter sets released after the sets listed previous.

On July 1, 2012, the following HeroClix sets rotated from Modern Age to Golden Age:

Batman: Alpha, Secret Invasion, Arkham Asylum, Hammer of Thor, HeroClix Classics (all), The Brave and the Bold, Blackest Night, Watchmen, Jonah Hex, Web of Spider-Man.


  • Reprinted Characters: When a character has been reissued in a Modern Age set, then the Golden Age equivalent character can be used in a Modern Age event as well. An equivalent character has all the same game mechanics and sculpt, differing only by its set symbol and figure number.
  • Purple Ring and Promotional Characters: These figures are not legal in any WizKids sponsored event. Promotional characters have the word “Promo” next to their set symbol.
  • Disclaimer: WizKids reserves the right to alter these rules at any time on a temporary or permanent basis, including allowing specific exceptions to these rules for special events.
  • Modern Age Rules: Modern Age events restrict the player’s force to being made up of only characters and possibly objects and/or resources. All characters and resources must be from the Modern Age sets (listed above) and objects must either be standard objects or special objects from the Modern Age sets. Alternate Team Ability cards are permitted in Modern Age events regardless of the set they were originally printed. Between the event format (see below) and special rules (established in the event description), other rules may be applied to the force construction.